• bread board
    bread board

    This beautiful board is completely made by hand ​​of maple wood. It's geometrical shaped edges refine it's unique form. Is it a bread board, a cutting board or a cheese platter? It does not really matter, we love it just…

    € 39,00
  • book darts
    book darts

    book darts are precision-cut paper-thin metal line markers that attach easily to any page. They slide easily on and off the page without damaging your books. Use again and again for a lifetime. We are hooked > spread the…

    € 5,00
  • concrete shaving set
    concrete shaving set

    SORRY SOLD OUT Be a barber! This minimalistic concrete shaving kit includes a shaving dish made from soft concrete, shaving soap and a traditional beech brush with badger hair bristles. Designed by Lovisa Wattman, manufactured by…

    € 74,00
  • elementary screwdriver no.1
    elementary screwdriver no.1

    SORRY SOLD OUT These unique screwdrivers are made in a small London workshop. They are copies of two originals made by a cabinet maker who was unable to find a set of modern tipped screwdrivers that met his requirements for…

    € 29,00
  • fort standard balancing blocks
    fort standard balancing blocks

    SORRY SOLD OUT The balancing blocks are a set of 10 multi faceted stone sized wooden blocks created by the New York based design studio Fort Standard. Use them to create gravity defying sculptures or as a challenging game similar…

    € 39,90
  • puc hide & key
    puc hide & key

    SORRY SOLD OUT the Hide&Key is an elegant way to store your keys. Like a Swiss Army knife, but different ... The Hide&Key protects your clothes or bag from scratches. Available in natural or black, it will soften by time .. We…

    € 9,00
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