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concrete shaving set
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Be a barber! This minimalistic concrete shaving kit includes a shaving dish made from soft concrete, shaving soap and a traditional beech brush with badger hair bristles. Designed by Lovisa Wattman, manufactured by Iris Hantverk. Each individual bundle of bristles are bound to maple wood handles just like they were made in the 19th century.

designer: Lovisa Wattman

manufacturer: Iris Hantverk

dimensions: 88 x 60 mm

material: soft concrete, maple, badger hair, sandelwood soap

hand made in: Sweden

include: cup, brush and soap


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betonnen scheerset

deze betonnen scheerset bevat een zacht betonnen kuip, sandelhout scheerzeep en een scheerkwast. De set is ontworpen door Lovisa Wattman en in Zweden geproduceerd door Iris Hantverk. De prachtige kwast wordt op traditionele wijze samengesteld en is gemaakt van zacht dassenhaar.