brass pot stand

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Solid brass trivets with crude casting surface by Oji Masanori. The brass is bright and shiny and will naturally and beautifully oxidize with use. The brass pot trivets are produced by Japanese company Futagami, who have been forging brass for over a century. They do double duty as elegant tabletop object in addition to holding pots. Available in TSUKI (moon) TAYIO (sun) GINGA (Galaxy) & HOSHI (Star)


designer : Oji Masanori

artisan : Futagami

made in : Japan

materials : brass


TAIYO (Sun) Ø150 x h12 ( SOLD OUT )

TSUKI (Moon) Ø130 x h12 ( SOLD OUT )

GINGA (Galaxy) Ø180 x 12 mm (lots of points)

HOSHI (Star) Ø165 x 15 mm (4 points)




brass star trivet.jpg


messing onderzetter

zo mooi deze messing onderzetters! Ze zijn ontworpen door Oji Masanori en geproduceerd door het befaamde Japanse bedrijf Futagami. Stoer en elegant als simpel gebruiksvoorwerp of gewoon voor op je tafel ..




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